Meet The Team

Managing Director: Cathy Joyner

Area Development Manager: Lisa Barnes

Langenhoe: Mary Bowie (Manager), Nicola Brown (Deputy Manager) , Louise  Stringer (playworker)

St Johns Green: Sonja Chenier (Manager) Michelle Gilkes (Assistant Manager), Sarah Draper (Deputy Manager), Natalia Constantinou (Playworker), Rose Helvadjian (Playworker), Suzanne Randall (Playworker) Sally Greenwood (Playworker)

Highwoods: Mel Gibson (Manager) Sarah Bolton (Deputy Manager), Lee Ashcroft (Playworker) Lily Penn (Playworker)

Montgomery: Max Scrivener (Manager) Gemma Bowes (Deputy Manager) Lyndsay Telford (Playworker) Bronwyn Antoniou (Playworker) Lorna Milne (Playworker), Shelbi Thompson (Playworker)

Layer de la Haye: Mandy Lawrence (Manager), Lisa McBride (Deputy) Bronwyn Antoniou (Playworker)

Camulos: Hannah Grinham (Manager) Alex Roberts (Deputy Manager) West Wright  (Playworker)

Copford:  Mandy Crimes (Manager), Jess Bate (Deputy Manager) Lorna Milne (Playworker)

Bishop William Ward: Emily Hazlewood (Manager), Leanne Bursill (Deputy Manager) Hannah Clarke (Playworker)

Gosbecks: Christina Hughes (Manager)   Opening April

St Lawrence: Christina Hughes (Manager) Opening June

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